Blueface Arrested for Attempted Murder in Las Vegas

Blueface was arrested before an establishment in Las Vegas on Tuesday, November. 15. the rapper, Johnathan Porter, was charged with an incident on the 8th of October 2022, police from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department confirmed.

He is booked in the Clark County Detention Center for warrants of attempted murder using an explosive weapon and for firing the weapon inside an unoccupied building.

The 25-year-old rapper is known for his musical work with his hit song from the year 2018, “Thotiana,” which received two official remixes by YG as well as Cardi B. “Thotiana” peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100, while his famous debut Crypmixtape reached 29, according to the Billboard 200.

“Thotiana” achieved retroactive success after the LA native went viral through “Respect My Cryppin” in May 2018. The song showed off his off-kilter style to a polarizing public reaction. The song was released in June 2018. The ex-Fayetteville State University footballer signed with Cash Money West and has since become a prominent persona in the LA hip-hop scene. The rapper has back-dropped his new album in 2019 called Dirt BagEP and an album titled Find the Beat for 2020. However, he’s been ensnared in a flurry of controversy.

His public relations with his fellow artist Chrisean Rock have been mired by a rift. In August, a video was leaked showing the pair fighting in Los Angeles. A few weeks later, Rock was detained after they got into an altercation in Arizona and, in a second incident, Blueface is alleged to have punched Rock’s father at a bar in Los Angeles. In the month of November 2021, an arrest warrant was issued to Blueface along with two other males following an altercation with a bouncer at an area nightclub in San Fernando Valley. This year, Blueface was arrested in connection with Felony Gun Possession during an incident in Hollywood.

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