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Amazon Great Freedom Festival 2021: Best offers for you!



Amazon Great Freedom Festival 2021 Deal & Offers

A sale on Amazon has begun for the Amazon Great Freedom Festival. There will be a special Independence Day sale till Monday, August 9. There are steep discounts on popular cell phones, laptops, devices from Amazon, and other items during the Amazon Great Freedom Festival 2021 sale. There are so many deals available right now that it can be difficult for those looking for the latest tech gadgets to find the ones that are truly the best. Here are some of the best handpicked deals we’ve found over the last few hours in terms of smartphones, accessories, and other accessories.

Amazon Great Freedom Festival 2021: Best offers for you!

SBI Card users will receive an instant 10 percent discount from Amazon on all purchases when using their credit cards (up to 1,750 rupees). The below list contains the best-handpicked offers and deals on tech products available today so that you can start shopping right away. You can still get high-end electronics at a great price, even if you missed out on the Prime Day sale last month.

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Best offers on mobile phones during Amazon Great Freedom Festival 2021

iPhone 11 (Rs. 49,999)

With Amazon’s Great Freedom Festival 2021 sale in India, the Apple iPhone 11 is available for only Rs. 49,999 (MRP Rs. 54,900). When considering all the available bundled offers, this is marginally more expensive than Prime Day. In addition to bundled exchanges, Amazon also offers a rate reduction of up to Rs. 13,400. Also, you can apply for no-cost EMI payments, which are offered by major credit card companies.

The price is now 49,999 rupees (MRP 54,900).


iPhone 12 (Rs. 67,999)

A discount on the iPhone 12 is available on Amazon’s Great Freedom Festival sale, which is currently selling for 67,999 (MRP: 79,900). Depending on the model, you may have to wait a bit as some models won’t be in stock right away. If you’re looking for an instant price reduction, this is one of the best deals around. When you swap your old phone with your purchase from Amazon, you can receive up to Rs. 13,400 as an additional discount.

The price for this device is Rs. 67,999 (MRP Rs. 79,900).

OnePlus 9 5G (Rs. 45,999)

You can receive a discount of Rs. 4,000 on the OnePlus 9 5G with the Amazon Great Freedom Festival sale, but you cannot purchase the phone directly. You must use the checkbox-based coupon on the page to receive the discount. Moreover, getting another instant discount worth up to Rs. 13,400 is possible when exchanging your current smartphone. A 10 percent instant discount is available to SBI credit cardholders.

The current price is Rs. 45,999 (effective after discount).

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (Rs. 54,999)

As part of this week’s Great Freedom Festival sale, Amazon is offering a discounted price of Rs. 54,999 (MRP Rs. 86,000) on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 (8GB, 256GB). The Galaxy Note 20 is also available with a no-cost EMI payment option, and Amazon has an Rs. 13,400 exchange offer available. There are three rear cameras with a combined resolution of 64 megapixels on the Samsung Galaxy S8.


For a limited time only, purchase at Rs. 54,999 (MRP Rs. 86,000)

Nokia G20 (Rs. 11,990)

In this week’s Great Freedom Festival 2021 sale, you can buy the Nokia G20 for a price of Rs. 11,990. You can add the phone to your shopping cart and Amazon will apply a discount of Rs. 1,000 when you tap on the coupon checkbox during checkout. There are four cameras on the back of the Nokia G20 with a 48-megapixel resolution.

For an introductory price of Rs. 11,990 (effective immediately), you can get this product.

Sale on Amazon devices during Amazon Great Freedom Festival

Fire TV Stick (Rs. 2,799)

This Independence Day, Amazon is offering a set of discounted Amazon devices for a limited time. The Fire TV Stick (3rd generation, 2021) from the company can now be purchased for only Rs. 2,799 (MRP Rs. 4,999). A discount of up to Rs. 2,000 is also available on OTT subscriptions. Using Fire TV Stick, you can simply plug it into an HDMI port on your existing TV to turn it into a smart one.  

You can now get it for 2.9999 (MRP 4.999)


Best offers on electronics during the Amazon Great Freedom Festival

Amazon great freedom festival

Apple Watch SE (Rs. 25,900)

During Amazon’s Great Freedom Festival 2021 sale in India, the Apple Watch SE is available for Rs. 25,900 (MRP Rs. 29,900). A 10 percent additional discount is available to SBI credit cardholders, bringing the effective price down even further. Apple Watch SE is powered by the S5 processor, which was announced together with Apple Watch Series 6.

Right now, buy this product for Rs. 25,900 (MRP Rs. 29,900)

Sony WH-1000XM3 wireless headphones (Rs. 17,990)

During Amazon’s Great Freedom Festival 2021 sale in India this week, Sony’s popular WH-1000XM3 wireless headphones are available for Rs. 17,990 (MRP Rs. 29,990). Wireless headphones like this have never been cheaper than this. Amazon Alexa is integrated into Sony’s WH-1000XM3. The offer is similar to the one we saw during Prime Day last month.

Right now, you can get this product for Rs. 17,990 (MRP: 29,990).

Apple AirPods Pro (Rs. 17,999)

This week, the Great Freedom Festival 2021 sale is offering Apple AirPods Pro TWS earbuds for Rs. 17,999 on Amazon. You may have missed the previous sales. This bundled offer from SBI Card enables further price reductions of 10 percent.


Currently being sold at: Rs. 17,999 (MRP Rs. 24,900)

Apple Watch Series 6 (Rs. 41,900)

Compared to its launch price in India, the price of Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS + cellular) has dropped. There is a discount on this smartwatch now. It is being sold for a reduced price of Rs. 41,900 (regular price: Rs. 52,900). This is the watch you should buy if you want to pair your iPhone with a smartwatch that has all the bells and whistles.

The online price is Rs. 41,900 (MRP Rs. 52,900).

Apple iPad Air 2020 (Rs. 47,900)

During the Great Freedom Festival 2021 sale on Amazon this week, Apple’s iPad Air 2020 model is down to Rs. 47,900 (MRP Rs. 54,900). The iPad Air 2020 runs on Apple’s A14 Bionic processor and has a display size of 10.9 inches. The A14 Bionic processor is the brain of the device.

The current price is Rs. 47,900 (MRP Rs. 54,900).


HP Pavilion 15-inch gaming laptop (Rs. 66,490)

During Amazon’s Great Freedom Festival sale this week, HP Pavilion Gaming 15.6-inch laptops are available at a discount of Rs. 66,490 (MRP Rs. 77,549). An exchange offer is included in the price, and up to Rs. 18,150 (maximum) can be deducted. There are 8GB of RAM and AMD Ryzen 5-4600H on this laptop. There is 1TB storage and 256GB SSD onboard, and it is preloaded with Windows 10.

You can purchase it for Rs. 66,490 (MSRP Rs. 77,549)


Thus, these are all the deals we think are best during the Amazon Great Freedom Festival. Surely, there are tons of other deals as well which you can check out on the site. Have you completed your shopping spree? If not, go ahead and take advantage of the Amazon Great Freedom Festival.


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